The Open Road

The open road often invokes a sense of adventure and welcomes one to explore the unknown. The road is an ongoing journey with many destinations or none at all. The following photos are a growing collection of roads I’ve travelled and treasured throughout my own journey. Prints available in a range of sizes and mediums including metal and canvas. Contact me for more information!

Western Highway. ©Victoria Lise
I-70 West

The Road to Arch Rock. ©Victoria Lise.Red Roads of the Mojave. ©Victoria Lise

Two Lane's to Fall. ©Victoria Lise

The Road to the Butte. ©Victoria Lise

Winding Dirt Road. ©Victoria Lise

Road to Paradise Divide. ©Victoria Lise

Road to the Anthracites. ©Victoria Lise

Ohio Pass Dirt Road. ©Victoria Lise

Colorado Mining Roads. ©Victoria Lise

Winding Road Below Cinnamon Mtn. ©Victoria Lise

I-70 West. ©Victoria Lise

Western Highways. ©Victoria Lise

Road Through A Sage Field. ©Victoria Lise

Single Track Dirt Road Through Summer Greens. ©Victoria Lise

Dusk On A Dirt Road. ©Victoria Lise

Rainbow Over a Colorado Dirt Road. ©Victoria Lise

Over The Hill On a Dirt Road. ©Victoria Lise

A Modern Colorado Mountain Road Under a Timeless Rainbow. ©Victoria Lise

The Road to the Moon. ©Victoria Lise

CB just a dirt road away. ©Victoria Lise

On the Road to Gothic Colorado. ©Victoria Lise.

Backcountry Colorado Road. ©Victoria Lise

Brush Creek Road During Fall. ©Victoria Lise

The Last Dirt Roads of Colorado. ©Victoria Lise.

The Open (Dirt) Road to the Mountains. ©Victoria Lise.



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