Victoria Lise Colorado Color Summer Rainbow

A Heart Forward Poem

Crow medicine Watering my courage Making it grow  Humor of the humans Thinking they all know A part of the totem Dropping in low  Sacred wind Beneath your wings Music to our Mother  To her Harmony you sing Body full of medicine Speaking look within  2016-2017  All Rights Reserved ©VictoriaLise

Sly Fox

I captured this hunting fox just this past fall (2016) as I was just beginning to work with my new camera and lens. He happened to be hunting just outside of my condo and must have caught 4 or more prey. A good day for fox. I absolutely love to watch animals or sit in the stillness of nature. The unspoken language is my first and most fluent.  The silent conversations with animals are the very first I remember and deeply embedded into my roots.  To this day I find solace and feel most understood in my sittings with the…