Tyson the Shelter Dog

Remember Me Thursday

Remember Me Thursday was brought to my attention by Three Irish Cats an advocacy and awareness blog with occasional tales from the cats. Remember Me Thursday was founded by Mark Arms, CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center, in an effort to bring awareness to shelter animals awaiting their furever homes and those who unfortunately never make it out of the shelters alive like my buddy, Tyson.  Today let’s honor the lives lost, bring awareness to those in need of homes, and gratitude to all who contribute to the welfare of animals. And my all time favorite, share rescue stories! No…

A Morsel of Good News

Audrey, the at risk dog I posted about here, was rescued just in the nik of time! The in between moments, the moments waiting for an unknown answer can be overwhelming. Because that answer is life or death. Audrey’s answer was life! After 6 months in her kennel she had her first sniff at freedom this past weekend. Saving lives takes a village! Thank you to all who foster, adopt, share, contact rescues, volunteer, transport, and so much more. So thrilled to share this happy ending with you!  See  Audrey’s freedom video!  Lets connect! Find me on Instagram, @Divinei 

Helping Audrey

Audrey has been at the Carson Shelter in LA county since August 7, 2016. The shelter has reached its max capacity with 50 dogs having been surrendered over the weekend. Audrey is one of many to be killed this Friday, January 20, 2017.  Please consider sharing Audrey’s information on any of your social media platforms and/or especially with anyone who may have a helpful resource to aid in Audrey’s safety.  ( Audrey’s video ) Here is what the “Saving Carson Shelter Dogs” volunteers say about Audrey: “She is very SPECIAL! She doesn’t bark or cry, stays outside of her kennel most…