To Everything There Is A Season

  Hi friends, after an extra long, mostly unexpected hiatus I have returned just as the wildflowers do each spring. This winter was long, and hard in many ways, but spring blossomed with bright, new beginnings, many of which I look forward to sharing more of here. In the time I’ve been away I’ve completed several astrology courses with teachers and mentors; Debra Silverman, Chani Nicholas, and Sarah Gordon as well as a Lunar Prana Vinyasa (yoga) teacher training with Monica Mesa Dasi and Devon Sweeney, and will embark on another (yin) yoga teacher training scheduled later this month. New…

Cattle cause traffic during a cattle drive in a small Colorado town. ©Victoria Lise 2018.

Fall Cattle Drive

Cattle drives are a common scene here in the valley. A valley rich in ranching history. Many of these families have weathered generations of harsh climate and tough work.  As the weather changes, the cattle is herded down valley, where the altitude is lower and the snow doesn’t accumulate quite like it does in the Butte. In cities, cars cause the traffic, in mountain towns, cattle do. Hundreds of vocal cows travel the roadways with ranchers on horseback and cattle dogs in tow. The horses hooves on the asphalt, mixed with the cowboys whistle, and mooing cows make a song…

A collective of Colorado's wildflowers. ©Victoria Lise 2018.

Summers Simple Pleasures

The clouds above moved gently from the breath of summers breeze. Cloud shadows cast overtop the landscape shifting the perspective with each gust and carrying faint scents of hardy foliage. The sun was rising overhead blanketing the earth in its warmth, ascending in the sky, as we were ascending the mountain one purposeful step at a time. Nothing but the sounds of the winds whispers and my camera’s shutter. The best sounds. Flowers reached out to the blue sky- begging for rain- but bowing in gratitude to the light. “Survival can be a struggle” I note. One that ebbs and…

A Wall of Televised Truths. East Jesus Art. © Victoria Lise 2018.

Slab City and East Jesus

Some end up there because of hard times, some choose to park it there during the tolerable winter months, others prefer the outskirts of society. Veterans, snowbirds, runaways, artists, a kaleidoscope of colorful characters occupy the barren desert acreage that many would describe as post apocalyptic.

Jenny Rose Restaurant Sign. ©Victoria Lise 2018

Timeless Treasures from The Road

Happy Tuesday friends, trailblazers, and road runners! Over the last 12 days my crew (husband + dog) and I have been on the road, on the beach, and in the desert. It was another amazing road trip and I collected quite the treasures to share with you all. My favorite souvenirs are (surprise, surprise) photographs and while at the start of our trip I was shocked with how little I was using my camera, I did end up taking more than a fair share of snaps. Like I’ve said here before “we miss 100% of the shots we never take”. I have…