A Wall of Televised Truths. East Jesus Art. © Victoria Lise 2018.

Slab City and East Jesus

Some end up there because of hard times, some choose to park it there during the tolerable winter months, others prefer the outskirts of society. Veterans, snowbirds, runaways, artists, a kaleidoscope of colorful characters occupy the barren desert acreage that many would describe as post apocalyptic.

Small Business Saturday

Hi there my friends! Hope you all are enjoying the weekend. In celebration of my 100th post and the holiday season I’ve decided to showcase a few small companies that make the conscious consumer happy. While Target may have its purpose it’s got nothing on the small business owner handcrafting each of their own products. It is so important as consumers to support businesses who care about the environment, their workers (should they have any), and their customers. When we take it upon ourselves to buy from people who care more about quality and less about quick dollar quantity we…