Victoria Lis @ Seven Magic Mountains, Nevada.

The Ugly Truth Behind Blogging & The Real Investment

Blogging is an investment way beyond finances. Sure you may invest in your domain, host, camera equipment, maybe even a web developer but the greatest investment you will give to your blog is time. Countless blogs have invested in all the above and more than I would even be able to tell you about (let’s be honest) but nothing sets a blog apart from another than seeing dedication, commitment, and authenticity from the person or persons running the platform. When I began blogging I realized being a blogger came with a stigma, admittedly one I knew nothing about whatsoever. It…

Victoria Lise wears embroidered skirt in front of Mt. Crested Butte. Look book collaboration with local shop.

Wearable Trends for Mountain Towns

Are you familiar with small town, high altitude living? It’s typical to grab a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater or snow pants and a puffy coat before hitting town or the slopes but some of us long for a little more pep in our sassy step. Victoria Lise shares ideas from a look book collaboration with local mountain retail store to inspire your winter wardrobe in the mountains.

Small Business Saturday

Hi there my friends! Hope you all are enjoying the weekend. In celebration of my 100th post and the holiday season I’ve decided to showcase a few small companies that make the conscious consumer happy. While Target may have its purpose it’s got nothing on the small business owner handcrafting each of their own products. It is so important as consumers to support businesses who care about the environment, their workers (should they have any), and their customers. When we take it upon ourselves to buy from people who care more about quality and less about quick dollar quantity we…

Victoria Lise The Hills Are Alive

Meditations From Mt. Axtell| A Sunset Special

Life is full of it Full of so many things, feelings, ideals, judgements. A whirlwind of an experience made up of both the wonderful and devastating. My life in particular is incredibly wonderful, not without challenge, but privileged, blessed. Outside of my immediate realm though exists natural disasters, violence, war, greed, malice, hunger, racism, a world unimaginable but very real. And although I’ve seen some of these things firsthand, I’ve not experienced them as an everyday reality. ¬†Often I wonder how to talk about these things, how to make them a part of the conversation but feel I don’t know…