Road Tripping with Dogs. ©Victoria Lise

6 Tips for Road Tripping With Dogs

You all may have noticed that we never leave the dog behind while traveling near or far. Yes, in 3 years not once have we set sail or trail without him -though to be perfectly clear he doesn’t like boats at all. It may be a challenge to comprehend why we would opt to travel with a dog who isn’t exactly mild or even well-mannered in a vehicle, it’s not that he doesn’t like the ride, although were not exactly sure what it is, perhaps excitement. However, when we rescued him he was quite the handful and we couldn’t expect anyone…

The focused stare of a hunting dog. ©Victoria Lise

Dog of The Mountains

Styx (our dog) is an absolute beauty to watch let alone, photograph. He looks more wild than he does like a domesticated house dog and when he’s unleashed and free to explore his primal, primitive intuitions are exposed. He becomes a part of the landscape, a native to nature and the natural world around him. He moves like a gazelle, hunts like a coyote, traverses mountain edges like an alpine goat,  and protects his pack like a wolf. Did I mention he does yoga? When we adopted Styx he was so afraid of water. He would cry at the water’s…

Victoria Lis @ Seven Magic Mountains, Nevada.

The Ugly Truth Behind Blogging & The Real Investment

Blogging is an investment way beyond finances. Sure you may invest in your domain, host, camera equipment, maybe even a web developer but the greatest investment you will give to your blog is time. Countless blogs have invested in all the above and more than I would even be able to tell you about (let’s be honest) but nothing sets a blog apart from another than seeing dedication, commitment, and authenticity from the person or persons running the platform. When I began blogging I realized being a blogger came with a stigma, admittedly one I knew nothing about whatsoever. It…

Sunset over Paradise Divide. Western Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017

Where’s The Snow, Colorado?

Happy 2018! All that hype and now we’re here! New Years can feel like standing in two states at the same time, don’t ya think? Now we’re two days passed the threshold but there’s no need to rush, we can resolve to be here now. Here on the western slope of Colorado we’ve had just two small snow storms this winter, an astonishing difference to the 350+ inches of snowfall we had last winter. No digging out windows or jumping off of roofs into pillowy snow piles. So with a snow storm, however heavy, brings much excitement to the townspeople…

Victoria Lise wears embroidered skirt in front of Mt. Crested Butte. Look book collaboration with local shop.

Wearable Trends for Mountain Towns

Are you familiar with small town, high altitude living? It’s typical to grab a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater or snow pants and a puffy coat before hitting town or the slopes but some of us long for a little more pep in our sassy step. Victoria Lise shares ideas from a look book collaboration with local mountain retail store to inspire your winter wardrobe in the mountains.