Succulents By The Sea in Santa Cruz, California

Colorado lifestyle blogger and photographer captures a dreamy spring morning in Santa Cruz, California. Pink and yellow succulents line the foggy pacific coast. A scene so alluring, you’ll consider a visit for yourself!

Victoria Lise Photographs Santa Cruz Fog

Morning Fog & Internet Connection

If you look closely or zoom in you can see the rather large, Brown Pelican. He sits amongst Brandt’s and Double-crested Cormorants, or at least that is what I believe them to be from the little bit of research I did. They sat there faithfully everyday, undisturbed by the surfers and other ocean dwellers. The early morning fog provided an alluring yet peaceful backdrop, revealing the surrounding Santa Cruz Mountains ever-so-slightly. The ocean was quite, still and the light reflected a glass-like surface, but closer to the cliffs the ocean roared, reminding all of her power. Maybe reminding us all of our…

Victoria Lise Shoots Surf Competition

Junior NSSA Surf Competition Santa Cruz, CA

Walking down West Cliff drive one early morning, we came across a Junior surf competition. This is not unusual (as you could imagine) as surfing is a way of life for many Californians particularly in Santa Cruz. Kids not much older than 12 were jumping from the cliffs at Steamers into the powerful break.  Their technique and style was incredible and looked to be effortless. Carving the water, moving with intent and propelled by great force. Surfing, is a captivating sport. Whether or not your inclined to try it yourself just being a spectator is exciting enough! This was not…

Victoria Lise HoneyMooners Return Mermaid carved in rocks

The Honey-Mooners Return

Well, we made it back from our grand adventure on the road! We actually returned last week but we haven’t had working internet hence my long-standing absence. That’s life in the mountains for you~ thank goodness for the ability to set up a hotspot from a cell phone! I returned with so much content, inspiration and motivation to share but quickly became frustrated since I couldn’t actually upload anything. A gentle reminder from the universe that I am not in control as much as I would like to think so and perhaps there’s a plan greater than my own. We drove through Colorado,…