Bare branches from Gunnison Colorado's castle rock formations. ©Victoria Lise 2018.

The Dance Between Seasons

Snowflakes are swirling gently from a foggy white sky. A sky that feels closer than usual. Living at altitude can often appear as if the world above is within reach, when the fog settles and the clouds drop into the land it becomes a nearly tangible reality. As each flake falls so does the friendly, familiar, peace, and quiet. It’s melodic in its own rite. The air is so frigid it kisses the cheeks, frosts lashes, and undresses the Aspens of their dying leaves. The temperature high is predicted to be a brisk 24º tomorrow, cold is simply winters birthright,…

Aspens diverse color palette along Kebler Pass, Colorado. ©Victoria Lise 2018.

Autumns Aura

Although Aspen trees are one living organism connected through their root system, they still strut their individuality, mostly visible within their changing leaves and watchful eyes. Without Aspens, Autumn wouldn’t have the same aura around here. The vividness of color can be electrifying, soulful, and sensationally stimulating.  Pine trees keep their deep timbre-green needles the whole year through, offering not only contrast but a grand compliment to their fellow community grove members. What a lovely, harmonious relationship.  The leaves have now fallen, decorating trails along the valley floor like rose petals often do a wedding aisle, leaving the faintest scent…

The Castles of Gunnison, Colorado, framed by a cluster of yellow aspen leaves. ©Victoria Lise 2018.

Frames of Fall in Colorado

Fall has shed its vibrant color, at least it’s true in my neck of the woods. Before the leaves let go of the branches, returning to the earths floor, they were a wheel of their own magnificent color. Year after year I’m left in utter awe, standing before natures changing aesthetic, trying to grasp the great glory that is impermanence. Eyes wide and silence so vast I could hear my heart beat and feel the earths. Oneness. That is what I’ve come to find in all of these quiet moments.  Below are a small collection of Fall frames captured this…

Black eyed Susans line a reflective pond. ©Victoria Lise 2018.

The First State of Delaware

Delaware, while it sure has many flaws, it has its treasures too. After all it is nicknamed “The Small Wonder”. Nestled within nuclear chem plants, an absurd amount of shopping centers, overpopulated highways, and a violent stricken city exists an array of ancient trees, lush -almost tropical landscapes, an assortment of preserved native plants and what’s left of the country. Rolling green hillsides, tulip polars and great white beech trees, the pungent fragrance of a fertile land, and the evening symphony of crickets and cicadas (or perhaps the roar of the Atlantic) all make up a small fraction of the…

A collective of Colorado's wildflowers. ©Victoria Lise 2018.

Summers Simple Pleasures

The clouds above moved gently from the breath of summers breeze. Cloud shadows cast overtop the landscape shifting the perspective with each gust and carrying faint scents of hardy foliage. The sun was rising overhead blanketing the earth in its warmth, ascending in the sky, as we were ascending the mountain one purposeful step at a time. Nothing but the sounds of the winds whispers and my camera’s shutter. The best sounds. Flowers reached out to the blue sky- begging for rain- but bowing in gratitude to the light. “Survival can be a struggle” I note. One that ebbs and…

Fathering Forgiveness

There were many years I didn’t speak to my father on Fathers Day. Many years I didn’t even know him or whether he was alive or dead. Most would have filed him under the deadbeat dad category never realizing the impact the judgements and assumptions had on the daughter. The daughter of a deadbeat. About 8 years ago on the eve of a humid Fathers Day we sat in a workers cabin surrounded by tulip poplars on the curve of a Delaware back road. Me, my dad, and Alex. We sat there for hours until I hit a wall emotionally….