Roads to Liberation

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief, and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your visions to reality. Wake up and live!” Bob Marley As I have been organizing and sorting through my photos it has been impossible to ignore how many shots of the road I’ve accumulated.  I’ve mentioned here before my ongoing fascination for the open road in particular, dirt roads although they each hold their own sense of charm or character.  The open road often invokes a sense of adventure…

Gabe watching Alex transfer the spine. Skate Style. ©Victoria Lise 2017

A Concrete Connection| Skating Colorado’s Concrete

Over the summer two of my cousins journeyed from Delaware to visit my husband and I on the western slope of colorful Colorado. We adventured through the mountains on old mining roads, paddled boarded on Emerald Lake, admired unique creations at the arts fair, attempted to fly fire lanterns and went to the local skatepark. We did a lot more but that was already a mouthful, ha! My cousin Gabe (pictured in yellow) loves to spend time surfing concrete and my husband while he hadn’t skated in years also enjoys the rowdy sport or any board sport for that matter….

Styx attempts to camouflage with snow. Victoria Lise 2018

Dog Days of Winter

Happy Monday friends! We ended up getting snowed on this weekend (yay) and even though it was just 8 inches it made it feel more like winter around here. It’s the good kind of snow also known as Colorado’s Champagne Powder. It’s light, fluffy, easy to shovel and glorious to play in. We chiseled out time in between being sick and shoveling clients snow to hike through pine timber, up to a freshly covered, untouched lake. The air was crisp, the sun, exceptionally warm, and the knee-high snow, so very welcomed. Styx (our dog) lives for the unleashed, wild and…

Sunset over Paradise Divide. Western Colorado. Victoria Lise 2017

Where’s The Snow, Colorado?

Happy 2018! All that hype and now we’re here! New Years can feel like standing in two states at the same time, don’t ya think? Now we’re two days passed the threshold but there’s no need to rush, we can resolve to be here now. Here on the western slope of Colorado we’ve had just two small snow storms this winter, an astonishing difference to the 350+ inches of snowfall we had last winter. No digging out windows or jumping off of roofs into pillowy snow piles. So with a snow storm, however heavy, brings much excitement to the townspeople…