Victoria Lise practicing SUP yoga on Emerald Lake, Colorado.

Awakening Potential Through Ortho-Bionomy

Ortho-Bionomy bodywork or energy work releases stored emotions and pain associated with traumas. A beautiful compliment to yoga, meditation, and more. Ortho gives one the opportunity to heal naturally and achieve alignment through self correction and gentle, non-forceful support.

Spring Cleanse & the Unexpected

Hi my friends! Remember way back when (when) I wrote about getting a juicer and wanting to try a juice cleanse? I barely remember either but here it is if you’d like to have a look. Well I decided to finally commit to a 3 day reset over the weekend. Initially I planned to juice only but my mind got the best of me so I settled with no dairy and no processed foods including bread. My typical diet is vegetarian or pescatarian because on occasion I will eat fish. I start everyday with a loaded smoothie, apple cider vinegar w/ water,…

Mountain Therapy

Hiking mountains may come to mind naturally when you think of ways to decompress, reconnect, unwind, rejuvenate and more. Well, maybe being surrounded by mountainous landscapes, like the visuals on calming music videos come to thought before actually climbing mountains.  We tend to find peace and serenity within the bounty of nature. I’ve  been hiking mountains for just 3 years but on each mountain I’ve had a different experience with myself, an in-depth look and chance to reflect. More than once it has come to me the multitude of ways in which hiking heals. Below you will find a few…