6 Months Married; A Dance Through Our DIY Wedding

This weekend marks 6 months of marriage for my husband and I, and this month we celebrate 8 years together. I wanted to share a selection of captured moments from our union and the memories to go alongside.  My husband and I wanted to do things as simply and as true to us as possible. We opted for an outdoor ceremony with Mount Crested Butte overlooking us and lots of open space. It was still in town making it accessible for out-of-town guests and those who wouldn’t be able to hike had we of chosen to have it on a…

Victoria Lise Colorado Color Summer Rainbow

A Heart Forward Poem

Crow medicine Watering my courage Making it grow  Humor of the humans Thinking they all know A part of the totem Dropping in low  Sacred wind Beneath your wings Music to our Mother  To her Harmony you sing Body full of medicine Speaking look within  2016-2017  All Rights Reserved ©VictoriaLise

The Circles of Life

1 month before Bear past she was attacked by another dog and lost most of her right ear. It took two men to get the other dog off of Bear and because it was incredibly traumatic those 5 or so minutes felt like a lifetime. I took a LOT of guilt home with me that day and carried it around for quite some time. I felt as though I had failed Bear, a dog that had given me her trust after 14 years of abuse and neglect. My duty was to protect her and here she was injured and terrified…