Have We Stopped Thinking for Ourselves?

The small Colorado town I reside in is getting busy, quickly! We are a tourism based economy, where we rely on visitors to survive and thrive. The town is made up of 9 blocks, no franchise businesses, no stop-lights, one very small grocery store, two gas stations, no hospital (nearest is 28 miles away), and roughly 1,400 residents. The number of residents has doubled since I first moved here in 2008 when we had an astounding 600-700 community members. We have two off seasons meaning two times per year it’s what most people would think of as a ghost town…

A Time to Bloom

Tradescantia zebrina also known as Wandering Jew. I have a few of these beauties growing inside of my home. My ortho-bionomist gave me a cutting from her plants nearly two years ago and while the leaves have always been a vibrant purple they had never flowered actually I had no idea they would flower.   Two weeks ago I noticed a bloom. As if this plant wasn’t beautiful enough the flower had me in complete awe. It has continued to flower since but each flower lasts only a day encouraging me to really soak up the extra beauty. Upon doing…

Whose world is it?

How is it we as humans turn our consciousness away from our largest support system, Mother Earth? ¬†It’s as if ignorance is some cute game to play to live life unaffected by our everyday choices and the messages in which our environment clearly¬†sends. Real issues aren’t issues to some until they are personally affected then become outraged. What’s missing is the understanding that we are ALL directly affected. The idea that one occurrence, being, or place has nothing to do with another is a source of artificial ‘light’. We take and abuse our resources while also trying to manipulate nature…


  Muti-Layered Multi-colored Textured Not perfectly smooth So much life but All One Intense & Immense Overtaking Beauty Just like YOU You are nature, you are a reflection of what you see here. To think otherwise causes great separation from oneSelf and from our natural source. Get to know the rhythm of the universe, the beat of the earth. Tell me, did you find yourself there?

Me and the Tree

There’s this lake with a large rock formation above it and a pine growing through the cracks of the rock. On that rock Next to that tree Which at that time was below knee I decided to stay and continue being free Now that tree is taller than me And I can’t help but see We did a lot of growing together Me and the tree