Lydia Stern & Victoria Lise Red Lady Ball.

Red Lady Salvation Ball

Hi my friends! After an unexpected absence from the blogosphere I am thrilled to be here again. February has proved to be a jam-jelly-packed month from celebrations, visiting friends, to simply keeping up with day-to-day life. Last weekend we attended the 41st Annual Red Lady Salvation Ball and honored the beloved mountain that rises over our town as well as the people who protect it. Red Lady also known as Mt. Emmons has been under threat of a molybdenum mine for many years but because of the dedicated individuals and long-standing efforts of  High Country Conservation Advocates  Red Lady has remained…

Victoria Lise wears embroidered skirt in front of Mt. Crested Butte. Look book collaboration with local shop.

Wearable Trends for Mountain Towns

Are you familiar with small town, high altitude living? It’s typical to grab a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater or snow pants and a puffy coat before hitting town or the slopes but some of us long for a little more pep in our sassy step. Victoria Lise shares ideas from a look book collaboration with local mountain retail store to inspire your winter wardrobe in the mountains.