Victoria Lis @ Seven Magic Mountains, Nevada.

The Ugly Truth Behind Blogging & The Real Investment

Blogging is an investment way beyond finances. Sure you may invest in your domain, host, camera equipment, maybe even a web developer but the greatest investment you will give to your blog is time. Countless blogs have invested in all the above and more than I would even be able to tell you about (let’s be honest) but nothing sets a blog apart from another than seeing dedication, commitment, and authenticity from the person or persons running the platform. When I began blogging I realized being a blogger came with a stigma, admittedly one I knew nothing about whatsoever. It…

Victoria Lise Explores Desert Art Installation Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains

7 pillars stacked with vibrantly colored boulders stand tall in the Mojave desert. Towering over 30 feet high, they certainly cast a presence and instantly capture ones attention. Seven Magic Mountains is the work of Swiss artist, Ugo Rondinone. As Ugo has said his project “merges the histories of land art and pop art”.