Victoria Lise with dog, Styx at Blue Lake.

The Sacred Waters of Blue Lake, Colorado

Roughly 15 miles out and back through a valley appropriately named “Oh Be Joyful” lead us to questionably one of the most breathtaking alpine lakes. A single track, well-defined trail winds through fields of free range cattle, willow brush, and decomposing skunk cabbage. The valley is wide but eventually feels dome-like as you near the lake. Mountains seem to kiss the sky, a sky that felt far away but within reach, all at once. The dry summer and arrival of fall left a layer of lingering, seasonal scent. Dried foliage crunched beneath our feet, while the rhythm of our legs…

A collective of Colorado's wildflowers. Β©Victoria Lise 2018.

Summers Simple Pleasures

The clouds above moved gently from the breath of summers breeze. Cloud shadows cast overtop the landscape shifting the perspective with each gust and carrying faint scents of hardy foliage. The sun was rising overhead blanketing the earth in its warmth, ascending in the sky, as we were ascending the mountain one purposeful step at a time. Nothing but the sounds of the winds whispers and my camera’s shutter. The best sounds. Flowers reached out to the blue sky- begging for rain- but bowing in gratitude to the light. “Survival can be a struggle” I note. One that ebbs and…

Fathering Forgiveness

There were many years I didn’t speak to my father on Fathers Day. Many years I didn’t even know him or whether he was alive or dead. Most would have filed him under the deadbeat dad category never realizing the impact the judgements and assumptions had on the daughter. The daughter of a deadbeat. About 8 years ago on the eve of a humid Fathers Day we sat in a workers cabin surrounded by tulip poplars on the curve of a Delaware back road. Me, my dad, and Alex. We sat there for hours until I hit a wall emotionally….