Cattle cause traffic during a cattle drive in a small Colorado town. ©Victoria Lise 2018.

Fall Cattle Drive

Cattle drives are a common scene here in the valley. A valley rich in ranching history. Many of these families have weathered generations of harsh climate and tough work. ¬†As the weather changes, the cattle is herded down valley, where the altitude is lower and the snow doesn’t accumulate quite like it does in the Butte. In cities, cars cause the traffic, in mountain towns, cattle do. Hundreds of vocal cows travel the roadways with ranchers on horseback and cattle dogs in tow. The horses hooves on the asphalt, mixed with the cowboys whistle, and mooing cows make a song…

Victoria Lise Driving Cattle Into the Morning Light

Colorado Cattle Drive

It was a beautiful morning in Colorado. The moon and sun shone in the sky and the alpenglow was very much alive. A blanket of fog lay between land and sky and the morning dew caressed the colorful flora. The ranchers drove their cattle through brush and into the morning light. Oh ’twas a sight