Victoria Lise Walks Dirt Road Colorado Color

My Golden Birthday And Decade of Freedom

Today is my birthday! Not only my birthday but my golden birthday! For those who aren’t familiar with golden birthdays (I wasn’t until last year when my mother in law informed me) it is when your age and the numerical date of your birthday match. So in my case I’m 28 on the 28th! Today is also much more significant to me than just my golden birthday, though I feel it’s very sychronistic that my golden birthday falls on the day I celebrate a decade of freedom. You see, I could be celebrating that I’ve been an adult for 10…

Victoria Lise practicing SUP yoga on Emerald Lake, Colorado.

Awakening Potential Through Ortho-Bionomy

Ortho-Bionomy bodywork or energy work releases stored emotions and pain associated with traumas. A beautiful compliment to yoga, meditation, and more. Ortho gives one the opportunity to heal naturally and achieve alignment through self correction and gentle, non-forceful support.