Victoria Lise relaxing in Chalk river.

Mt. Princeton Hotspring Adventure

Mt. Princeton was exceptional in every way, from the pristine, relaxing environment, health oriented meals, and courteous, friendly staff ready to go above and beyond for their guests. Overnight guests have access to the relaxation pool, Japanese cascading pools, steam room, sauna as well as the exercise pool, chalk river, fitness room/classes and historic bath house. The warmth of the pools and river can be appreciated long into the evening, (until 10 or 11 p.m.) and should not be missed. Underneath a clear, star-blanketed Rocky Mountain sky with steam rising from the earth heated waters and the sound of moving water from the Chalk river, one can feel the depth of natures nurturing essence.

Magnolia spring in Delaware. Victoria Lise 2012

A Letter To The iPhone Photographer

Are you an iPhone or Samsung photographer? Do you have your own unique vision that you bring to life? Maybe you artfully compose images from your iPhone or Samsung or some other device yet long for more advanced equipment to further develop your vision. Β Whatever it is, it is important to use your creativity and…