Victoria Lise The Hills Are Alive

Meditations From Mt. Axtell| A Sunset Special

Life is full of it Full of so many things, feelings, ideals, judgements. A whirlwind of an experience made up of both the wonderful and devastating. My life in particular is incredibly wonderful, not without challenge, but privileged, blessed. Outside of my immediate realm though exists natural disasters, violence, war, greed, malice, hunger, racism, a…

Sweet Potato Ginger Soup

This creamy Sweet Potato Ginger Soup is vegan/vegetarian friendly and absolutely delectable! Whether served as a small side, a starter, or a meal itself, sweet potato ginger soup warms hearts and fills bellies while intriguing the skeptics. Bring it along to your next gathering and wow your friends or simply make it to welcome Fall's equinox. 

The First Of Fall Crested Butte, CO

Fall has charmingly made its way into the Gunnison valley. Groves of golden Aspens, tall whimsical grasses, mountain backdrops, and the wide spectrum of color all compliment the deep green pines. While we don't see the same color scheme as the east coast or Michigan, colorful Colorado is a treasure all of its own. To…