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Victoria Lise is an Astrologer, soil steward, and small business owner living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Originally from the first state of Delaware, Victoria made her way to Colorado in 2008, with a deep love for nature and wide open spaces.  A trail-blazer, star gazer, and self proclaimed creative expressionist using multiple mediums to convey her rich inner world, Victoria ventured down a path of self discovery and healing through creative expression, movement, and relationship with the natural world, finding many ways to keep stoked the inner flame of vitality .

In 2018 Victoria took a deep dive into studying planetary and elemental influence through astrology. A life altering study which transformed the way she interacted with herself and the external world around her. Victoria offers in-person or over the phone natal chart readings in which she reflects your natal blueprint back to you. Get insights into the patterns that block you, learn about the life lesson assigned to you specifically, gain clarity that allows you to see yourself and others through compassionate eyes with an added depth of understanding. 

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Astrology FAQ’S

 Victoria is dedicated to restoring humankind’s connection with the rhythms of nature and the language of the cosmos.

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