Victoria Lise Tropical Laguna Beach Sunset

Laguna Beach Sunset

Some of you may have picked up (by now) on my love of the light, in particular, the setting sun. My first word actually happened to be light, so who knows if there is some sort of correlation. While on our trip we were graced with 2 weeks of sunsets and a colorful, changing horizon. Before arriving in Laguna I had read about the incredible coastline sunsets that illuminated the pacific ocean and painted the sky in kaleidoscope colors. They weren’t kidding and I wasn’t disappointed one bit. Whether you’re a photographer, fashion blogger, light-chaser, explorer, or evening beach-goer add Laguna Beach to your  list of places you must pass through.

Victoria Lise Laguna Beach Sunset California

Victoria Lise Laguna Beach Sunset Reflecting On Ocean

Our hotel sat right along the beach, just a few steps through a fragrant rose garden and down a few stairs to the sand. Each evening as the minutes passed Laguna became more and more like a far-off tropical island. Sand, sea, and sky met in the humid, salty air. Like an elixir, it was entrancing and energizing.

Victoria Lise Laguna Beach Sunset Orange Skies and Palm Trees

Victoria Lise Laguna Beach Sunset Wave Splashing Against Rocks

All along Laguna’s coast are tide pools, cliffs, sea caves, and all sorts of treasures that could easily be overlooked if just traveling through the hills and general city area. April seemed to be a great month for avoiding crowds which I understand grow to great numbers during peak summer season. The weather was still warm during the days and nights not yet hot but comfortable and welcoming.

Victoria Lise Laguna Beach Sunset

Victoria Lise Laguna Beach Sunset Lights Up the Sky

The light show seemed to play in slow motion. As the sun lowered a spectrum of colors appeared scattered throughout the evening sky. Silky yellows, sorbet pinks, sultry purples, and amber hues of orange danced across the horizon. The sound of crashing waves played in the background luring one to get lost in the moment.

Victoria Lise Sunset on Laguna Beach California

Victoria Lise Looks at Laguna Beach Sunset

Isn’t it wonderful when your dreams become your reality? When you’re not sure where one ends and one begins. Where dreams and reality mesh into an ocean of one. ‘Living the Dream’ you could say. That’s not to say we do away with our responsibilities as stewards of this planet but respectively embrace both our responsibilities and our depth of passions. The duality of nature.  The nature of duality.

Victoria Lise California Laguna Beach Sunset

Victoria Lise Tropical Laguna Beach Sunset

Lets leave this place better than we found it;

  Remember to leave no trace wherever you travel. It is vital to pick up after ourselves and even others have they left something behind. Footprints and nothing else. ♥
Wishing you all an easy, enjoyable week ahead!
Thank you for joining me here x
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Camping and Pinterest

You know those days or weeks that seem like ginormous mountains? So much to do, only so much time, deadlines, lists that seem never-ending, nothing goes as planned and you just try to keep some sort of balance so you don’t walk around looking inebriated? Well, that has been my week in a nutshell. Just as I was finally getting ready to make this post, something I have been patiently waiting to find a spare minute to do, my internet browser shut me out and down and wouldn’t re-open. Can you see me pulling my hair out now? Ok I’m being dramatic but I have had an exceptionally trying week.  So instead of showcasing more of my photography and adventures I thought I’d share the realness of my week and seek Pinterest advice (ha).
Victoria Lise Headstand at Reservoir
If you can’t get out of your head, get on it! 
My husband and I own a property management/maintenance company and we have 2 peak seasons in our tourist based town, summer and winter. Although one may believe winter to be our busiest season for the snow sport enthusiast, anymore summer is jammin’ (think Bob Marley) with mountain bikers, hikers, wildflower viewers, photographers and wanderers. So we usually have to hire extra hands to help us get through the busy times. However, many times our help has put us further behind than helped us to get ahead. So it was this week. Nearly every job took 3 times longer than it should have and others had to be completely redone making it so our work load grew significantly. We made it through and looking back it wasn’t as bad as it seemed but as many of you can probably relate, when you’re in a situation it can be tough to see around it.

Victoria Lise Dogs at Play

Which brings me to camping and Pinterest;

Or should I say glamping? My husband, Alex and I (and our dog, Styx) are going about an hour and a half into the woods to help a friend of ours work on his cabin. Think more along the lines of a tiny house than a cabin. Now, I’m the outdoorsy type and have become more so since living in Colorado. I also enjoy the adventure of camping but when I heard we were going for 4 nights and painting a.k.a. doing laborious tasks I wasn’t feeling the wanderlust, carefree, can’t wait vibe.
So my incredibly sweet, accommodating husband took it upon himself to find a tent that is probably the size of a tiny house itself  (it has a closet) and a high quality air mattress that has a bed frame making room for storage underneath.  I have to laugh as I reread that. When we first met we didn’t even use a tent to camp so the irony is humorous. I’m actually hoping we won’t pick up cell reception as I could really use a few days away from emails and social platforms. A chance to absorb natures energy and play with my camera equipment. So now I am anticipating going glamping and hope my tent looks as bohemian chic as the ones you find on Pinterest!


After being perplexed for months as to what Pinterest even was (yes, I’m behind the times) I dove in and created a page. I added a DIY board and started following interesting pages (?) but other than that I’m lost in wonderland. So I’m seeking your advice! What are the best ways to utilize Pinterest? Do you use #hashtags? Do you link your blog to the page itself or within each individual photo? I am super grateful for any light you can shed!

Victoria Lise and Husband Do AcroYoga


Alright my dear friends I am signing off for now. Onto walking the pup, a little evening yoga, and potentially a glass of rose` if I don’t pass out before then that is.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
As always, thank you for joining me here!
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P.s. The lake photos are from last weekend that I mentioned in Sweet Potato French Fries
Victoria Lise Recipe Post Sweet Potato Fries and Honey Dipping Sauce

Sweet Potato French Fries

Hey there friends! I’m back with another super quick, appetizing treat. I had bought sweet potatoes with no particular idea as to what I was going to do with them. I wasn’t feeling a heavy winter recipe like the sweet potato ginger soup I make during the arctic months and it has been a beautiful 70 degrees in western Colorado.  So I decided to try my hand at the trendy sweet potato fries. These fries are actually baked, not fried so we can all feel even better about indulging.  Turn on your favorite podcast, mine currently happens to be Rachel Brathen’s (yoga_girl) From The Heart, and get to baking!

Victoria Lise Recipe Post Cut Sweet Potatoes and Spice mix

My husband makes killer breakfast potatoes so I basically stole his seasoning recipe and used it for my sweet potato fries.

•3 medium sweet potatoes

•2-3 tablespoons olive oil

•Black Pepper, Himalayan Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Paprika (add to your liking~ I used about a teaspoon of each)

Victoria Lise Recipe Post Cut Sweet Potatoes with Seasoning

Pre-heat oven to 425°

•Cut sweet potatoes 

•In a large bowl toss sweet potato strips with olive oil and seasoning mix

•Lay on a baking sheet with space in between each fry

Victoria Lise Recipe Post Sweet Potato French Fries Prepared for Baking

•Bake for approximately 15 minutes on one side 

•Flip fries and bake for an additional 10 minutes or until crispy

Serve warm with a side of your favorite sauce; use local honey to add extra sweetness and balance the savory spices

p.s. These were baked at 9,000 ft above sea level. So if you’re as high as me they should work for you too! (lol)

Victoria Lise Recipe Post Sweet Potato Fries and Honey Dipping Sauce

Hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe! You can easily find this one and others on under Veg Recipes!

I’m off to the lake for the day with friends to enjoy the sunshine and some down time before the rush of a new week surges once again. Our town is based on a tourism economy so with the end of June and beginning of July near, our 9 block town is packed and locals are busy! Any time we can find to enjoy the beauty of where we live, we take without hesitation! Hoping your day is just what you need it to be!

Thank you all for joining me here ♥

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Indian Paintbrush Wildflower

Spring in The Rocky Mountains

It happened nearly overnight! Spring, that is. Early spring in the West Elks was windy, wet, and chilly leaving many of us to long for the warmth we basked in on our off-season vacations. Well, our wishes have been granted. Warm weather, wildflowers, lush green landscape, and long-lasting days have arrived at least for a few glorious months.

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Indian Paintbrush WildflowerVictoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Close up Indian Paintbrush

My husband, the dog, and I ventured out Monday evening to play in the light of the magic hour and find the beginning blooms of wildflower season. We took a one lane dirt road for miles stopping to frolic and photograph the breathtaking scenery.  It was one of those nights artists write songs or poems about.

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Post Dog in flower fieldVictoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Post Dirt RoadVictoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Post Man amongst a Sage Field

The air was warm to the bare skin, crisp and easy to breathe. The sun illuminated the land in its golden hue and made even more vibrant the fields of paintbrushes, mules ears, and larkspur. Rain fell lightly and pleasantly, a rainbow showed its colors, and the moon appeared in a deepening blue sky.

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Post Wildflowers with Mountain Backdrop

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Dances with the Sunset

My husband has equal interest in photography so we alternate between subject and photographer quite a bit. It gives me a chance to brush up on my old modeling techniques and create in a contrasting way. As you can see Styx enjoys playing his part in all of this as well!

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo post Field of WildflowersVictoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Car Mirror Mountain Backdrop

The sun set over Red Mountain and casted an array of colors throughout the southern clouds.  We bounced down the road admiring the show and enticed to come back for more. For those in or near to the area this is the Almont Triangle/Jacks Cabin cut off-road. It is definitely worth a drive or hike through if you don’t have a 4X4 vehicle. The views and colors will not disappoint.

Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Red Mountain Sunset Victoria Lise Spring in the Rockies Photo Post Spring Sunset

What is spring like where you live? 

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

Thank you all for joining me here! ♥

For more wildflower photos Wildflower Capital of Colorado

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Victoria Lise Veggie Recipe Chickpea Lettuce Wraps

Chickpea Lettuce Wraps

You all were so open to the Carrot Dog recipe I shared last week, I wanted to share another veggie favorite of mine! Lettuce wraps are so simple, tasteful, and fun. Spiced chicken wraps used to be a sought after plate of mine before transitioning to a plant-based diet. I hadn’t found a suitable replacement, other than adding more veggies to a lettuce wrap, until recently.

We had an excess of chickpeas from my grand idea to make a variety of hummus flavors. Well, I never quite got around to all of the flavors (just garlic) and had used most of the other ingredients needed for this smorgasbord of whipped chickpeas. The mood to cook and concoct arose and of course the need to use the chickpeas, so born were the chickpea lettuce wraps! Perfect for a quick summer lunch on your patio or as a pack along picnic item for the plant-based or curious!

Victoria Lise Veggie Recipe Washed Chickpeas

•Wash 2 (15 oz) cans of organic chickpeas (in a BPA free can if possible)

•Wash large Romaine Lettuce leaves (garden grown or store-bought)

•Homemade or store-bought hummus or Tahini dressing for drizzle

Victoria Lise Veggie Recipe Lettuce Wraps

Tori Tip: If you aren’t able to grow your own produce it is best to buy organic and as locally as possible. Same goes for your oils and condiments. Always check ingredients as well, something like peanut butter should contain just peanuts, water and maybe a pinch of salt. Not hydrogenated oil, sugar, or corn syrup. Below are a few of my personal household staples.

Victoria Lise Veggie Recipe Kitchen Staples

Make a homemade dressing:

•1/4 cup Sesame Tahini

•2 tablespoons of water (or more depending on how creamy you prefer it)

•Splash of Rice Vinegar and Tamari sauce

•1-3 cloves minced garlic (again tailor the amount to your taste)

•Squeeze 1 lemon

•Cream using an electric mixer or fork (add tablespoon olive oil for smoother finish)

Hummus would be tasty but because I was already cooking with chickpeas I opted for a spruced up tahini dressing. A homemade peanut sauce would be great too!

Victoria Lise Veggie Recipe Tahini Dressing

Your dressing is made and beans washed

•Add olive oil to a large pan over medium heat

•Toss the chickpeas in the pan, let them cook until they start to show color ( 5-7 mins )

Spice up your life, I mean chickpeas:

•Mix 1-2 teaspoons of Tamari with 1 teaspoon of maple syrup

Maple is a staple in many of my recipes. It adds sweetness with a depth and does not overtake the savory spices but complements and marries them together. Also, the Tamari helps to break down the thick texture of the maple making it easier to use as a flavor. (Maple roasted brussel sprouts coming soon)

•Squeeze half a lemon into tamari/maple mixture or right over the cooking chickpeas

•Once your chickpeas have a bit of color, add the tamari/maple mixture to the pan

•Stir until no more liquid is left in the pan

•Add spices; Cayenne pepper, cumin, garlic

Victoria Lise Veggie Recipe Tamari Maple Sauce

•Remove chickpeas from heat

•Place on your lettuce leaves

•Top with red onion, sweet peppers, shredded carrots, cucumber (whatever sounds good)

•Drizzle or spoon tahini dressing overtop wraps, as lightly or heavily as you desire

Victoria Lise Veggie Recipe Chickpea Lettuce Wraps

There you have it! Chickpea Lettuce Wraps! A little more work than the carrot dogs but just as colorful and delicious! This would be great for meal prepping as you can make as much as you’d like and store in the refrigerator.

What’s your favorite summer recipe? 

Thank you all for joining me here! ♥

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More simple, veggie recipes coming this week! Did you miss A Vegetarian twist on a BBQ Classic

Succulents By The Sea in Santa Cruz, California

We woke up each morning in Santa Cruz, CA to a light fog glazing the pacific coast. The seas fragrance filled the dewy air and pastel colored succulents adorned the oceans neighboring cliffs.

Victoria Lise Succulents by the Sea In Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz (which translates to holy cross) sits along the northern edge of California’s Monterey Bay, about an hour south of San Francisco and approximately 5 hours north of Los Angeles (LA).  It’s a perfect stopping point if traveling the pacific coast highway (PCH) or as a single stop destination.

Victoria Lise Photographs the Santa Cruz Coastline

Santa Cruz has a little bit of everything one might imagine California to be except, Hollywood. A hip, laid back vibe roams the atmosphere and a friendly, courteous energy stands prevalent in the community. One can find surfing, hiking, beach-volleyball, wildlife viewing, wine tasting, fruit picking, a diverse music culture, unique shops, friendly locals, seaside bon fires, a heavenly selection of eateries and so much more.

Victoria Lise Succulents By The Sea Captures Pacific Ocean Crashing Against Cliffs

And perhaps one of the greatest parts of all (if you’re anything like us) is just how pet-friendly Santa Cruz is! From beaches to breweries and even restaurants, Santa Cruz makes it easy for local pet owners and those traveling with pets to engage in the towns expanse of activities. The local magazine helpfully lists where you can and can’t take Fido. Some hotels offer amenities like a dog run, specialty dog treats or even a dog food menu.

Victoria Lise Captures Pink and Yellow Succulents Against the Santa Cruz Coast

We stayed at The Seaway Inn on West Cliff Drive and just across from Cowell Beach. Though there was not a dog run or speciality dog treats, it was about 20 minutes (north on West Cliff ) walking distance from the dog beach. This was incredibly ideal for us and our high energy dog, Styx. He requires much more than a dog run and absolutely loves his canine friends, so the dog beach rated very high with us and it’s not the only one within the greater Santa Cruz area.

Victoria Lise Captures Spring Succulents And Ocean Mist in Santa Cruz

For us humans The Seaway Inn was also, perfect. Located in walking distance to restaurants and shops along the wharf, just across the street from the main beach and Cowell beach (a good place to surf if you’re an amateur like me), the iconic boardwalk, the historic surfing museum and so much more than one can experience in 4 days.  The hotel itself was cozy and comfortable. The only downside was paying for an ocean view room and having someone else use your balcony and furniture everyday, pretty minor issue really!

(By the way, the above photo just happened to be one of those ‘moments’ but a metal pole from a nearby fence caught my lens, partially obstructing the surge of water against the cliffs. Darn! Just a part of the game!)

Victoria Lise Shoots Succulents by the Sea and The Santa Cruz Coast

So, if you haven’t pick up on it by now, I highly recommend visiting Santa Cruz or moving there, ok maybe that’s just me California dreaming again, but really it is a place that offers much for many just like its climate and soil grows a medley of plenty!

What activities or vibes draw you to visit a place?

Food? Culture? Activities? Climate? Chance?

As always, thank you for joining me here!

I appreciate you all so much ♥♥♥♥

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p.s. I am not affiliated or compensated with/by posted links but merely giving an honest review of my experience.
Victoria Lise shares Vegetarian BBQ Recipe

A Vegetarian twist on a BBQ Classic

BBQ has been a long-standing favorite of mine and summertime sure seems to bring with its arrival, the faintest scent of barbecue. Since transitioning to a plant-based diet a few years back, BBQ has been my most missed flavor.  We have definitely used creativity to implement classic favorites into a plant-based diet and believe me when I tell you not all of them have been successful or palatable for that matter.

Processed veggie burgers aren’t really my thing and homemade veggie burgers can be time-consuming to make before a last-minute gathering so the carrot dog found its way into my top favorite creative classics with a twist. Yup, carrot dogs are just as they sound! A cooked carrot on a hot dog bun of your choice with whatever fixin’s your heart desires. And they couldn’t be more simple!

• Buy a bag or a bunch of large organic carrots

• Buns of your choice

• Onions, sauerkraut, cucumbers, lettuce, sweet peppers, whatever sounds delectable to you!

Lets be honest, it’s all about the right texture:

• Wash carrots and cut each carrot in half (vertically)

• Boil carrots for near an hour or until soft

• Drizzle olive oil over carrots and place directly on grill rack or lightly coat a cast iron pan and place carrots side by side, flipping until evenly charred, or to your liking.

• Put that carrot on a bun and dress it up like its going somewhere fabulous (your stomach is pretty fabulous, right? I hope you said yes).  The more color the better!

• Add a side of hickory, maple baked beans, a crisp green summer salad, fresh fruit, and an ear of organically grown sweet corn. You’ll be just as happy as your fellow barbecuers and a lot more festive with your plate of vibrant color!

Victoria Lise shares Vegetarian BBQ RecipeVictoria Lise Vegetarian BBQ Carrot Dogs

What are your favorite or go-to veggie recipes? 

I am always looking for new concoctions to test so please do share your favorites or even your most disastrous dishes with me below! 

Thank you for joining me here! 


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Did you miss my last post? Seven Magic Mountains

Victoria Lise Explores Desert Art Installation Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains

Driving along I-15 from Las Vegas toward Los Angeles its hard to miss this large-scale art installation. 7 pillars stacked with vibrantly colored boulders stand tall in the Mojave desert. Towering over 30 feet high, they certainly cast a presence and instantly capture ones attention. Seven Magic Mountains  is the work of Swiss artist, Ugo Rondinone. As Ugo has said his project “merges the histories of land art and pop art”.

Victoria Lise Seven Magic Mountains Mojave Desert

We visited Seven Magic Mountains in late April of this year (2017). We happened to be driving passed on my birthday and it was something I had really wanted to experience. Already having a large intrigue and attraction for the desert and grand love of vibrant art and far out ideas, Seven Magic Mountains was like a real scene from my childhood (and todays, who am I kidding?) imagination.

Victoria Lise Seven Magic Mountains Against Blue Sky

If you’re not specifically going to Seven Magic Mountains it is not a drastic detour if you do decide to check it out.  There are road signs making the route very clear. You veer off of I-5 onto a two lane desert road that runs parallel to Interstate 5 and drive maybe 10 to 12 miles before you come across a parking lot. There are signs in the parking lot warning visitors of poisonous snakes so use caution while getting lost in a brightly colored daydream.

Victoria Lise Seven Magic Mountains by Ugo Rondinone in Nevada

It is not as desolate as one might imagine. It is a pretty trendy place for instagram photos and general viewing so the crowds encourage you to get creative with your angles. Having been a Friday afternoon I was surprised at how quickly the crowds dispersed. No one stayed for an extended time period but more so for a quick insta snap and brief walk through the seven towers. There were insanely powerful wind gusts that would snap the desert sand against your skin and made viewing a small challenge until it would settle. Probably the undesirable wind and warning signs to beware of poisonous snakes kept the flow of people moving.

Victoria Lise Adventures through Colorful Seven Magic Mountains in Nevada

Isn’t it inspiring that someone had a grand vision and made it a reality? And that we all have the same potential? Different opportunities but same potential to create, to manifest, to design our life. However far-fetched, different, or unnecessary as some say it may be it is also possible. I love that feeling of walking through someones vision, someones creation. Have it be a card, a painting, a story, or Seven Magic Mountains. There is a lingering of the creators essence, an intimacy shared, and a frequency emitted.

Victoria Lise Explores Desert Art Installation Seven Magic MountainsVictoria Lise Dancers Pose Against One of Seven Magic Mountains

Considering the wind my best advice would be to wear articles of clothing other than a dress. If you do wear a dress be sure it is form-fitting or cut in a way that prevents it from catching the wind unless your going for a Marilyn Monroe style capture (do your thing!). And if you’re to attempt dancers pose check your blind spot for groups of people strolling by. You can’t see them but they were there and they could see more of me than I was going for (oops).

Victoria Lise Visits Seven Magic Mountains in Nevada

Ugo Rondinone said “Most people don’t know how beautiful the land is around Las Vegas, so I hope this inspires them to explore the city’s nature.”   I hope so too. The landscape within the Ivanpah Valley is absolutely alluring.  Just visiting Ugo’s installation brings you to a part of Nevada one normally wouldn’t explore while visiting Sin City or passing through. While many stop to see the out of the ordinary Magic Mountains many get more than they bargained for.

Victoria Lise Wind Blown Between Magic Mountains by Ugo Rondinone

Seven Magic Mountains is on display until May 2018.

Have you visited Seven Magic Mountains or something like it? 

What kind of places are you most drawn too?

Thanks for being here! I value you, your insights, and our exchanges!


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Stay groovy!

Victoria Lise Photographs Santa Cruz Fog

Morning Fog & Internet Connection

If you look closely or zoom in you can see the rather large, Brown Pelican. He sits amongst Brandt’s and Double-crested Cormorants, or at least that is what I believe them to be from the little bit of research I did. They sat there faithfully everyday, undisturbed by the surfers and other ocean dwellers. The early morning fog provided an alluring yet peaceful backdrop, revealing the surrounding Santa Cruz Mountains ever-so-slightly.

Victoria Lise captures Black Pelican in Santa Cruz Fog

The ocean was quite, still and the light reflected a glass-like surface, but closer to the cliffs the ocean roared, reminding all of her power. Maybe reminding us all of our own as well. Not just our power but our duality. The yin and yang of our nature. The soft and the rigid, quiet and outspoken, introverted and extroverted. Neither right nor wrong but more so useful and useless at different times.

Victoria Lise Photographs Santa Cruz Fog

Insight to my duality;

You may remember me mentioning having returned from our road trip with no internet connection nor a company to service us. I may not have mentioned the last part as it took many phone calls and hours to conclude we just were NOT getting wi-fi so I settled for the hotspot connection on my cell phone. It worked well at times and others not so much. I ended up spending a late night at my in-laws to upload photos so I could make a post. However, I took it all for granted and pouted about having this inconvenience interrupt my privileged life. It’s not to say I don’t understand that this can be a real issue (especially these days) but looking back while also knowing deeply what I value, it seems so trivial and useless to have allowed myself to feel so off kilter and so damn dependent on something non-essential. After taking a couple of hikes, not just away from the computer but into nature I was reminded of what connection really feels like. I could have saved myself quite a bit of stress and internal conflict (had I meditated, ha) by staying grounded.

So here I sit conveniently at home on a wi-fi network shared by a close neighbor laughing at how foolish I was just a week ago. Things either get worked out or you work them out.

Happy Sunday friends!

May your week ahead be calm, prosperous, and wonder ~ filled ♥

Thank you for joining me here! 

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Victoria Lise Shoots Surf Competition

Junior NSSA Surf Competition Santa Cruz, CA

Walking down West Cliff drive one early morning, we came across a Junior surf competition. This is not unusual (as you could imagine) as surfing is a way of life for many Californians particularly in Santa Cruz.

Victoria Lise Photographs Warning Sign

Kids not much older than 12 were jumping from the cliffs at Steamers into the powerful break.  Their technique and style was incredible and looked to be effortless. Carving the water, moving with intent and propelled by great force. Surfing, is a captivating sport. Whether or not your inclined to try it yourself just being a spectator is exciting enough!

Victoria Lise Captures Young Surfers

Victoria Lise Shoots Surf Competition

Victoria Lise Captures Scenes from Junior NSSA

This was not a scene I was familiar with shooting which made it even more of an adventure. Everything moves so quickly and a new shot presents itself each moment. So much momentum and adrenaline for all.

Victoria Lise Captures A Wave Rider

Victoria Lise Photographs Young Surfer Catching Wave

Victoria Lise Captures Surfer Riding Wave

Victoria Lise Captures End of a Surfers Ride

Victoria Lise Photographs Junior NSSA Santa Cruz

Is surfing something you would try or have tried?

I absolutely love surfing even though I’m not great at it! I have always felt at home in the ocean and started surfing around age 12. It was never something I did everyday and now living in the mountains, surfing isn’t exactly accessible so when the opportunity presents itself, I jump on and ride (more like get thrashed but same good fun)! 

Thanks for joining me here! xo ♥

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